Congratulations to new graduates on achieving a milestone. This is where you start your profession and get to help your clients.

As a licensed marriage and family therapist and professional counselor supervisor, I have helped my supervisees in many forms and shapes from consulting on cases to helping them set up their own practices. My integrative approach to supervision, acting as a mentor, consultant, guide, and most importantly a colleague demonstrates my commitment to your professional development. I aim to provide a conducive learning environment where professionals like you can enhance their skills and knowledge even further.

Supervision sessions are online in the format of individual and group. Group supervision will help with getting exposed to and increasing your knowledge in different areas that you might have not even considered. It also helps networking and being a part of a supportive group.

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Currently, accepting counseling intern candidates.

Areas of Specialty

Family and couple




LMFT-S & LPC-S Significance In Your Therapist Career

Fulfills Licensing Eligibility

Both LMFT-As and LPC-As need to earn 3000 hours of supervised practice to be eligible for full licensure and start legal clinical practices. This internship has to be under a licensed supervisor. I am qualified as an LMFT-S, and an internship under my guidance will lead you to the correct way to qualify for licensing as a therapist.

Guidance from my Experience

I have notable experience handling clients and supervising trainees to licensure that solidifies their careers. Throughout these years, I have tackled numerous challenges and interacted with & helped a huge number of clients. My journey, understanding, and diverse techniques will give you a better understanding of the upcoming real-time challenges and the best ways to deal with them.


20-min complimentary phone consultation


frequently asked questions

Absolutely! Being your supervisor, it’s my commitment to help you deeply understand the therapy sessions and develop the skills required to handle your practice and cases effectively.
Supervised mentorship is a mandatory requirement to be eligible for LMFT-S and LPC-S training. Also, it contributes to counseling interns’ growth by providing tailored guidance, feedback, and support in navigating complex clinical cases, ethical dilemmas, and professional development opportunities, fostering confidence and competence in their counseling skills and practice.
Life at Best Counseling bridges the intern-to-therapist gap by offering expert supervision. I will provide you with guidance, case review, and support, ensuring my interns develop clinical skills and a deep understanding of ethical complexities to launch their practice confidently.
Internship supervision equips interns with practical tools: case consultation, practice management guidance (e.g., billing, marketing), and ethical navigation. This prepares them to launch independent practices confidently.
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